Charlotte and Dan are the perfect pair for West Sussex bowls success

Winners: Infinitys Charlotte Rollings and Comptons Dan Butler
Winners: Infinitys Charlotte Rollings and Comptons Dan Butler

West Sussex short-mat bowlers held a mixed pairs tournament and 25 pairs from around the county took part.

The teams played six games against random opponents and after three rounds of games there were still three unbeaten teams.

Crablands’ Denise and Bill Merritt won their fourth game but lost their final two games to drop out of the reckoning whilst The Martlets’ Monica Enticknap and David Luxford lost all three of their remaining games.

The combination of Infinity’s Charlotte Rollings and Comptons’ Dan Butler continued their winning ways and remained unbeaten through the day to win the tournament.

Three teams won five of their six games but all had lost their first game so were out of the reckoning for the overall win. Second and third spots were decided on shot difference.

Bognor’s Stella Singleton and David Stansmore fourth with +17 shots, Lavant’s Pam Beardmore and Peter Whale third with +24 and the mother/son combination of Southbourne’s Audrey Bull and Infinity’s Robin Armstrong runners-up with +37 shots.


Close shaves are becoming the norm for Arun. After the one-shot defeat at Wey Valley, they travelled to Eastbourne for a league fixture and won by two shots.

Although they won on only two of the six rinks, the margin on one (35-11) was sufficient to secure the match points and a 4-4 scoreline, an achievement away to third-placed Eastbourne and sufficient to consolidate their own second place.

Scores: B Rebbeck, C Spicer, R Hobbs, G Leaman (s) won 24-21; G Ball, N Waddock, M Hilton, L Corne (s) lost 13-20; D Jackson, P Lichfield, M Bird, E Pidgeon lost 13-23; P Hamnett, T Cook, G Miller, B Butler (s) lost 16-18; K Hellyer, T Hayes, K Ball, T Sayers (s) won 35-11.

* With a number of members away on bowls tours, it was a triples side that travelled to Langney Park, with two ladies making up the side.

Although Arun lost heavily on two of the six rinks, they still managed a comfortable win overall by 124-82.

Scores: L Carthew, P Lichfield, P Hannam won 25-6; G Debenham, M Bird, M Campbell lost 8-23; P Lacy, M Johnson, T Sayers won 31-13; A Murrell, R Smith, G Leaman won 29-9; J Elliott, J Keers, P White won 19-0; G King, J Fox, J Brazier lost 12-22.


Encountering more new faces in county division two, Crablands Avocets met Upper Beeding for the first time and almost got their first points of the season.

On mat one, with some of the county’s premier team players against them, Elaine Sadler, Celia Foot, Paul Holland and Alan Foot really had a masterclass in bowling.

Avocet players were bowling well but it seemed the premier players always had the edge and Avocets were only able to take seven ends, losing to Upper Beeding 27-8. Upper Beeding agreed the scoreline did not reflect the closeness of the game.

On mat two, Joan Taylor, Sheila Plaistow, Trevor Plaistow and Denis Caiger didn’t get onto the scorecard until the fourth end by which time Upper Beeding, with county B players, were six points ahead.

By the halfway stage Avocets had pulled ahead 10-8 but they fell behind again, 16-12. Determined to nibble away at the Upper Beeding lead, Avocets again drew level on the 19th end, but the Upper Beeding experience came through taking the last two ends, giving a final score of 19-16 to Upper Beeding.

Avocets captain Alan Foot said: “Although we lost, I felt much happier with this game and I think, as we learn against these higher calibre players, we will get better and better as the season progresses.”


Lavant Blue played away to Midhurst Eagles with mixed results.

Mat one, with Jim Sharrod skipping, didn’t fare too well with the Eagles swooping to a decisive win of 32-10. Tony Boxall’s team on mat two did somewhat better achieving a win of 18-14, giving Midhurst a 46-28 win. The friendly on mat three, with Peter Whale heading the team, had a good 28-11 victory.

Lavant visited Fittleworth for a friendly, where Jim Sharrod led a team on mat one who lost 18-16. Peter Winter’s team on mat two lost 20-16. Mat three had Bernard Wallsgrove skipping his team but they went down 32-13.

Walberton were entertained at Lavant on a snowy evening in a friendly. On mat one Peter Winter led his team to a win as did Peter Whale on mat two.

Terry Haigh and co on mat three lost on a good fun evening of bowls.


In a friendly against Liphook, Midhurst Eagles came out on top by winning two games 28-12 and 26-9,but just lost out on the third mat by 19-15.

Scores: C Harkness, S Trussler, D Burton, C Morgan won 28-12; S Tait, I Frost, S Weeks, J Etheridge-Barns won 26-9; D Morgan, S Enticknap, R Softly, S Trussler lost 15-19.

A league game against Arundel Swallows brought defeat for the Eagles, who took two points to Swallows’ four.

It was a struggle for the Eagles to get started on mat two but they picked a few shots before losing 24-10.

On mat one the score was even on the 20th end but they managed to pick up two shots to take two points for the game.

Scores: D Morgan, D Berry, C Dixon, T Berry won 20-18; S Tait, S Trussler, J Etheridge-Barns, C Morgan lost 10-24.