Arun bowlers get better of Adur - and Whiteknights can't manage victory charge

Arun ladies played a league match at home against Adur consisting of five rinks. Arun had a convincing win of 108-72

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 12:00 pm
Arun's men and ladies line up before a recent Osborne Trophy game / Picture by Steve Robards

Scores: D Mitchell, C Horsley, D Latter, M Richards won 37-11; P Corkett, M Bacon, B Collins, A Janman won 24-7; V Greenaway, S Jones, M Phillips, C Bowles won 22-16; J Boucher, B Jones, S Stocker, W Adams won 21-17; C Hobbs, E Fitch, L Hathaway, B Spicer lost 4-21.

Whiteknights travelled from Reading to meet Arun men but lost 152-96. Arun won on five rinks and lost on one.

Scores: A Millis, P Wakeford, D Parker, R Robinson lost 15-22; G King, A Humphreys, C Chester, P White won 22-17; J Elliott, S Webster, J Muffett, J Brazier won 32-12; P Lichfield, B Sales, B Sanford, R Gardner won 29-16; T Hayes, G Kendall, D Ford, N Waddock won 24-14; N Reynolds, J Ayling, P Doust, T Tack won 48-6.

Arun went to Sutton and although they won three and lost three rinks, the shot difference on two losing rinks wiped out the winning margins.

Scores: G King, B King, N Reynolds, J Keers lost 5-28; J Sparrow, J Elliott, C Chester, N Waddock lost 16-17; R Hobbs, N Burchfell, B Sanford, R Gardner won 23-11; P Lacy, G Debenham, P Lichfield, M Campbell won 20-17; R Pearson, A Humphreys, M Bird, M English won 22-18; P Langridge, F Biggs, L Etherington, P White lost 15-28.


Hunston had an enjoyable match against Nyetimber and won 63-27.

Scores: P Guyatt, R Moore, A Harle, C Butler lost 12-13; T Hack, R King, P Rawcliffe E Whiting won 35-3; D Greenfield, J Stubbs, A Hack R Stevens won 16-11.

In a recent match away to Arundel Mullets, Lavant Blue lost 40-32.

Mat one, with Jim Sharrod skipping, were unfortunate to go down 26-12 but mat two with Tony Boxall at the helm came away with a win of 20-14, giving Lavant two points to add to their league tally.

The Cormorants played Midhurst Eagles at Midhurst and came away with three points from 39-39 league draw.

On mat one, Denise Merritt, Jan Obermayer, Tony Dade and skip Bill Merritt won 17-15. On mat two Sarah Fewster, Wally Obermayer, Keith Palin and skip Mollie Back lost 24-22 in a nip-and-tuck contest.

On the friendly mat, Val Foyle, Lil Tuck, Trevor Wilson and skip Jim Saunders won 30-14.

Denise Merritt was captain and thanked everyone for an afternoon of enjoyable bowling played in a competitive but friendly manner.


Southbourne Rovers 18 Norfolk Cubs 71

With several of their key bowlers away, Southbourne Rovers had a difficult away match in the south west division two against Norfolk Cubs.

On the mat skipped by Peter Garrard, Rovers held their own for the first half of the match but were unable to sustain their form for the second half.

On the other mat Southbourne were never in contention. All six points went to Norfolk Cubs.

Scores: Joan Frost, Kathy Shelley, Jim Spivey, Peter Garrard (s) lost 23:11; Eileen Keane, Irene Jennings, Colin Bulbeck, Alan Williams (s) lost 48:7.