Letter: Horsham is meeting its housing needs

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Over the last five years, Horsham District Council has helped to deliver 1 in 4 homes built in the district for people on its housing waiting list or seeking an affordable home ownership option.

This amounts to 3169 market homes and 985 affordable homes for affordable rent and shared ownership.

Furthermore, the proportion of affordable homes is due to rise to around a third, with a further 1,600 affordable homes to be built out of a total of 5,320 homes over the next five years.

Horsham District Council works with some 19 housing partners providing nominations of people to their vacant properties as they arise.

We also work in collaboration to deliver affordable housing units and have provided in excess of £8m since 2010 to support delivery of new housing to help those in greatest housing need.

Key housing schemes delivered in 2016/17 include Broadbridge Heath, Marringdean Road in Billingshurst, Water Lane in Storrington and Highwood Mill in Horsham.

The number of households on Horsham District Council’s housing waiting list is the lowest in West Sussex, ensuring homes are available for those that need them would not be possible without the continued commitment to onsite affordable housing wherever possible.

We have a good record on delivering affordable homes and preventing homelessness.

We are working hard to give families who are struggling to get on the housing ladder the opportunity to have their own home enabling them to remain within the District.

We are continuing to look at all possibilities to deliver even more affordable homes for those locally in need.

Claire Vickers

(Con, Southwater) Horsham District Council Cabinet member for Planning and Development, Chart way, Horsham