Letter: ‘Don’t treat us like idiots’ over Horsham bin collections

Household bin collection to change
Household bin collection to change

Re ‘Fortnightly bin collections start in February’, the proposal to move to fortnightly collections of general household waste is illogical and insults us.

My general household waste bin is full each week. So too my recycling bin. Each with the right things.

So, to cope with my general household waste, my options would appear to be (1) develop medical needs; (2) find an extra permanent resident for my house - we are only four at present; or (3) have triplets - my children are out of nappies at 12 and eight respectively.

That’s how I’d qualify for a larger bin.

I suppose I could reduce consumption by 50 per cent or get an extra recycling bin for £5 and sneak general household waste into it hidden inside Cornflakes boxes?

There comes a point where initiatives like this are out of sync with reality.

Many many households aren’t generating unreasonable amounts of general household waste, so the assumption that fortnightly collection, not weekly, is appropriate this is daft.

Don’t treat us like idiots.

Steve Gumbrell

Pondtail Road, Horsham