Radical proposal for a mechanical ‘moving image’ centrepiece for Horsham

Horsham town centre could be revolutionised with a crowd-pulling thrice-daily mechanical ‘moving image’ musical show.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 4:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 4:31 pm
The former Shelley Fountain pictured in 2006
The former Shelley Fountain pictured in 2006

That’s a radical new idea being put forward by Rod Cuming, a member of the town’s watchdog group, The Horsham Society.

He suggests staging the mechanical or digiatal show as a ‘centrepiece’ for the town and as a replacement for the former Shelley Fountain which once drew crowds to watch the moving water sculpture.

But Rod says the new moving musical attraction should not replace the ring of birch trees which currently stand on the former fountain site in Horsham’s Bishopric.

Instead, he suggests, the moving image musical show could be sited ‘high up’ in the tower at the western end of Swan Walk overlooking the Bishopric.

He says many mini-shows are staged in market squares in medieval towns across Europe. And, he suggests, such shows could be held in Horsham at 11am, midday and 5pm.

Writing in the Horsham Society’s latest newsletter, Rod says the moving images “could be electro-mechanical or digital displays or a mix of methods.”

He adds the images hould portray a story that “teases or surprises the crowd.

“Horsham has a rich heritage plus the local artistic and creative computing talent to formulate a spellbinding show.”