Revised plans for Tangmere vegetable growing facilities approved

Plans for a new industrial glasshouse in Tangmere to grow vegetables supported by Chichester district councillors three years ago has been given the thumbs up again.

Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 4:00 pm

An application from Madestein UK Limited, which specialises in producing fresh lettuce and herbs, for new facilities in the south-west corner of the former Tangmere Airfield site was discussed by Chichester District Council’s planning committee back in June 2018.

Members of the committee decided to permit the scheme subject to a section 106 legal agreement being agreed with the applicant.

However there have been delays in finalising the s106 and the applicant has since amended the original proposed width of the internal spine road connecting the new development to City Fields Way.

Proposed site layout for the new glasshouse on the former Tangmere Airfield site

The proposed development comprises a single large glasshouse, with harvesting, packaging and cold store facilities alongside two reservoirs.

The amended spine road would be reduced from 6m to 4.1m in width for the majority of its length. On corners the road would be widened to 6m to allow safe negotiation by HGVs and a total of six passing places would be provided at 150m intervals along the road.

A report from officers explained that the road remains on its originally proposed alignment and, in the north-east corner of the site, would continue to be flanked by an earthen bund in order to partially screen it from the nearest dwellings to the north-west.

The committee supported the application as amended subject to the completion of a section 106 agreement being signed