Bognor Regis Lib Dem councillor resigns

A Lib Dem councillor for Bognor Regis has resigned due to difficulties balancing family life and council commitments.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 1:40 pm

Inna Erskine was first elected to the Pevensey ward in May 2019 as the Lib Dems took control of Arun District Council with the support of smaller parties and independents.

She was chairman of the council’s audit and governance committee.

In an email to the chief executive at Arun she announced her formal resignation, saying: “Meeting my obligations as a councillor has had a far greater impact on my family life than I could have predicted - particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic. The council, the residents and my family all deserve more than I am able to give.

Inna Erskine, centre in the yellow cardigan, pictured with fellow town councillors in 2019

“I have met some wonderful people on my journey as a councillor, and am grateful to the wonderful staff for the support they have given me in learning the ropes. I wish you and the staff well in the ongoing pursuit of the very best for the people of Arun.”

She has also resigned as a Bognor Regis town councillor.

This is the fourth Arun district councillor the Lib Dems have lost since 2019 due to a resignation or switch of allegiance.

Tracey Baker, Ian Buckland and Emily Seex, all elected as Lib Dems in 2019 in the Littlehampton ward of River, are all now listed as independents.

A further seat was lost last year after the death of Chris Blanchard-Cooper, who represented Brookfield in Littlehampton.