Residents fear threat to future of ‘green oasis’ in Southwater

A group of Southwater residents say they are ‘stunned’ to discover plans to build four new houses on a ‘green oasis’ in the village.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 5:11 pm

They say a planning application has been submitted for the houses to be built on a copse in Foxes Close.

But residents say Horsham District Council failed to notify them of the proposals and a time limit for comments has now passed.

A residents’ spokesperson said: “Under the latest government housing targets of thousands of new homes already eating up our nearby farmland, these four houses would make very little difference to that total.

The 'green oasis' in Foxes Close, Southwater

“It would however, make a big difference to and very negative impact on the residents.

“Cramming four houses into such a small plot seems an unnecessary overdevelopment destroying a little oasis of green space which is such a part of Foxes Close.

“It is heartbreaking to see yet another piece of woodland earmarked for development without any thought for the loss of local wildlife.

“This is a haven for numerous species in an otherwise residential block with hedgehogs, foxes, bats and birds of all sizes being spotted, some resident and some just passing through, yet all giving pleasure to the human population in this quiet corner of Southwater.

“The loss of several of the large mature trees and natural environment for wildlife would also have an impact on the ecology of the area.”

The residents say that parking and congestion in the road already cause problems and they fear the extra houses would exacerbate the problem.

The spokesperson added: “This is not a site scheduled for development within the Southwater Neighbourhood Plan, so let us please retain our copse.”