Horsham woman ‘sad and angry’ after ‘mountain of dog poo’ piled on top of bin

A Horsham woman who has had bags of dog waste hurled into her garden is calling for the council to take action.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 4:23 pm
Updated Monday, 17th May 2021, 10:31 am

Carole Burgess 70, wants the dog waste bins outside her house emptied more often after bags of excrement have been left piled on top.

And in the past youths have lobbed bags full of faeces into her garden, she added.

Carole, who owns a nine and a half year old Golden Retriever called Kiefer, said: “Last summer it was really bad.

Carole Burgess is fed up with overflowing dog poo bins. Pic S Robards SR2105131 SUS-210513-161221001

“I did put in a complaint to the council and I didn’t get a response.

“I felt really, really sorry for the chap who does come each week or twice a week to empty the bins.”

To try and stop poo being piled atop the bins Carole said she would tie large bags up in the hope people would throw their waste in there.

But she added that the bags became ‘almost too heavy to lift’, they were so weighed down with faeces.

Carole Burgess is fed up with overflowing dog poo bins. Pic S Robards SR2105131 SUS-210513-161243001

Carole said: “It just gradually got worse and worse. It’s disgusting.

“When we open our curtains all we can see is an overflowing poo bin. It’s disgraceful really.

“[I feel] cross. A little bit sad. It’s a mountain of poo.”

A Horsham District Council spokeswoman said: “The Council became aware of Mrs Burgess’s concern and is sorry for the inconvenience and stress this incident has caused. We acted immediately to empty the bin in question.

“We are now increasing the frequency of bin collections at this particular site on specific days.

“We will continue to monitor this situation and if it becomes necessary will look to increase the number of bins available.

“Residents are reminded that if the dog waste bins are full, they can always use the regular waste bins.”