Horsham housebuilding: Time to put a brake on it say residents

A new call is being made for a brake to be put on housebuilding in and around Horsham.

Friday, 18th June 2021, 4:21 pm
Updated Monday, 21st June 2021, 10:46 am

Local residents say that no more houses should be built in the district until new schools, a hospital and GP surgeries are established.

They spoke out this week after developers revealed new proposals to built 100 houses on woodland in Storrington.

It’s the latest in a string of development proposals which include plans for 3,000 homes at Adversane, 3,500 at West Grinstead, 10,000 at Ifield and 700 on Rookwood Golf Course.

Time for a halt to housebuilding in Horsham, say residents

A final planning decision is currently being awaited on whether 473 houses will be built on farmland at Roffey.

Meanwhile, work has started on building the first of 2,700 houses on land north of Horsham

Residents took to social media this week to vent their feelings following the latest bid to site housing on a Scots pine plantation off Rock Road, Storrington.

On the West Sussex County Times Facebook page, Julie Mitchell Webb said: “We have been crying out for a hospital for years and if Covid taught us anything it’s that a hospital is far more important than more homes!”

Anna Rita Massimo agreed. “There seems to be never-ending money to build new houses but a much needed hospital, with all these houses being built seems to be too much to ask.”

Jacqui Birch added: “I have no words left! Just shocking the amount of buildings going up. It’s just incredibly sad. Why does everyone want to live in the south east?”

Wayne Barr posted: “They seem hell bent on destroying Sussex. No more.

“When are they going to add more infrastructure such as schools, shops hospitals, etc. We have plenty of unaffordable houses in Storrington but greatly diminishing green spaces.”

Pat Varney said: “It’s a crying shame! We’re slowly losing every scrap of woodland and green space!”

Wendy Linfield agreed. “Stop building on our countryside! Enough is enough!”

Jo Graysmark said: “I think we are building far too much housing with no infrastructure to support it.

“With all the developments going on around the Horsham area we don’t need to build on every available green field.

“Sussex is a beautiful county but if we keep on building it’s just going to be awful.

“Stop building on the fields and give the wildlife somewhere to live.”