Billingshurst school joins new project to share lessons with students in Europe

A Billingshurst school has joined a new scheme to enable pupils to have international links with schools in Europe.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 4:31 pm

The scheme, an Erasmus+ programme called iTeach, is being introduced at The Weald School.

It will allow pupils to share lessons and technologies with other students in Spain the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy.

Weald teacher and e-learning coordinator Andy Cooper said: “iTeach is a fantastic opportunity to be part of an international project where schools and students will collaborate with each other and share lessons and technology uses and also work on breaking the digital skills and access to technology that students have faced.”


Each country will first deliver training sessions for staff to see the different technologies in use and get an opportunity to then see it in action during live lesson days.

Weald students will be part of a joint European class and as well as learning they will be able to forge new friendships with students from these other countries.

In a time when international travel isn’t possible because of the pandemic, iTeach will have students from all five countries working together on the same lesson simultaneously. These will be delivered by each country in turn.

Andy Cooper said: “The students and teachers will evaluate each of the different methods and technologies used throughout the project and look at ways that we can take best practices forward.

“The project will start in April with Spain delivering their lessons and then will continue through the next academic year.

“This will result in better quality lessons, increased motivation to use e-platforms and awareness of a need in digital education investments.

“This project is an amazing opportunity for The Weald to continue having international links with schools in Europe.”