Llama twins:the 30,000 to one chance

RARE twin llamas have been born on a llama farm at Maplehurst, near Horsham, defying odds twice over. Not only are the odds so long against this happening – a one in 30,000 chance – but it is extremely rare that both baby llamas, called crias, survive.

.British Llama Society breeder Pam Walker of Maplehurst Farm was astonished to find that her llama Lulu had given birth to two crias and not one.

The two boys, named Inca and Aztec after the llama's South American origins, weighed in at 13kg and 9kg when born – a reasonably good weight. They were born on September 29 but have only just made their first public appearance.

"Knowing how rare it is for both to survive, I kept quiet about it for several weeks, not wanting to tempt providence," Pam explained.

They are the eighth and ninth offspring for their mother Lulu (nine), who has produced many beautiful crias. Their father, Dill, is seven years old and the twins are healthy and fit.

"Lulu is exceptional and fed them well from the start. They are both strong and as big as others of similar age. They are full of mischief now and tear around everywhere," said Pam.

For full feature see West Sussex Gazette November 28