Chichester’s East Walls Hotel granted alcohol licence

East Walls Hotel, Chichester
East Walls Hotel, Chichester

Chichester’s East Walls Hotel has been granted a licence to sell alcohol, according to a council spokesman.

The owners’ application for a premises licence for the venue in East Row was approved with conditions by Chichester District Council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing sub-committee on Wednesday (October 3).

Under the terms of the licence the hotel would be able to sell alcohol to hotel residents, guests and the general public

A total of 14 representations in support were received from nearby residents, businesses and clients compared to 11 objections.

Objectors raised concerns about the possibility of noise nuisance in a very residential area.

But supporters described how the hotel had been ‘very tastefully refurbished’ and was a well-run establishment.

Others suggested they would like to visit the hotel and have a drink in its garden.

One supporter wrote: “The owners are meticulous about their brand and on the premises 24/7 so the risk of noise or rowdy behaviour is minimal.”

Another said: “It is small and tasteful aiming at the top end of the market and I believe it will attract affluent guests who will add to the local economy. I don’t envisage that their type of clientele will be noisy or exhibit unsociable behaviour and it is imperative for a hotel of this genre to be able to serve alcohol to its guests.”

Conditions attached to the licence require staff to have adequate training, the operation of CCTV and an age verification policy, all windows and external doors to the garden area to be closed after 11pm, no music in the garden area and prominent notices at all exits asking patrons to respect the needs of residents and businesses by leaving quietly.

A spokesman for the council confirmed the licence application was granted, with conditions by the sub-committee.