Chichester restaurant refused planning permission for its kitchen

Wildwood restaurant in South Street. SUS-161130-134401001
Wildwood restaurant in South Street. SUS-161130-134401001

A dispute over whether Wildwood restaurant should be allowed to keep its kitchen as it is remains unresolved, nearly two years after an enforcement notice was issued by the council.

The South Street, Chichester, eatery was ordered to rip out its downstairs kitchen in October 2016 on the basis it never had the necessary planning approval, a notice that was withdrawn later that year.

But the chain’s retrospective bid for planning permission for the kitchen was refused this week amid concerns about the impact on neighbouring residents.

A decision notice detailed issues with the ‘insufficient management of cooking odours and noise’ but added that council planning officers would be willing to provide pre-application advice for a revised proposal.

Objecting to the plan, a letter on behalf of residents stated restaurant owner Tasty PLC had ‘been fully aware that their development was in breach of several planning conditions’.

Tasty PLC has previously argued the council did grant permission to build the kitchen in 2014 and ‘neither the council nor the company were aware of any need to apply for a change of use’ for a kitchen in the storage area.

Full details can be found on the Chichester District Council planning portal under reference 17/02507/FUL