House prices in Easebourne and Petworth have seen a huge increase — here's why

In the space of a year, the average house price in Easebourne and Petworth has jumped by almost £190,000 — we spoke to a property broker to find out why...

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 5:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 5:32 pm

Figures from the Office of National Statistics list the average house price in the year ending September 2019 as £543,170. Just one year later and the average price has rocketed to £731,621 — an increase of 34.7 per cent.

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a big role in that, a Petworth estate agent has suggested, with people working from home more now and more likely to in the future, there is less demand for nearby railway stations.

Nigel Clements, senior negotiator at Barrington and Company estate agents in Market Square, said: "The big change has to do with the demand, and Covid-19 has been a big driver in that. I have worked in this area for ten years and Midhurst and Petworth has traditionally fallen outside the commuter belt.

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"Most people headed towards Haslemere because of the train station but that has changed.

"We were furloughed until June last year and we found that it was quiet up until then, but when we came back in June in went bonkers. Most buyers are coming from South West London and they won't be going back [to London] everyday and they were confident enough in that to buy down in this area.

"It's great for us, as long as we have enough stuff to sell. For every property we have got, there are at lease 12 buyers at the moment, so that is where we are at.

"Demand is also high because we are in a nice spot. Are are in a national park and people like that. There is a lot of building going on beyond the national park, if you look at Cranleigh or Billingshurst, and to a certain extent we are kind of safe."

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