What happiness really means...

My Big Little Sister
My Big Little Sister

Following the success of Great Grans Great Games and Laura’s Star at The Hawth, Pied Piper theatre returns with a new play for little ones to enjoy in the new year.

Tom says he can’t understand his little sister Ruby.

She always wants to be someone else: a pop star, a model, a princess... Ruby says she just wants to be a grown-up, with no one telling her what to do, how to dress and where to go...

Mum says you should be careful what you wish for!

A delightful play taking a light-hearted look at the pressure of consumerism on young minds and learning what happiness really means.

Pied Piper has touched the hearts and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of children.

Tickets: £7 (family of four: £25). Schools: £6 are available from The Hawth box office on 01293 553636 or you can book online at www.hawth.co.u.