Unique Brand of stand-up from Russell at The Hawth

Russell Brand brings his world tour, Messiah Complex, to The Hawth on Saturday, August 10.

The ridiculously intelligent, crazy haired, skinny belted ladies’ man is back doing what he does best: stand-up.

A spokesperson said: “Messiah Complex is a mental disorder where the sufferer thinks they might be the messiah.

“Did Jesus have it? What about Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X and Hitler? All these men have shaped our lives and influenced the way we think. Their images are used to represent ideas that often do not relate to them at all. Would Gandhi be into Apple? Would Che Guevara endorse Madonna? Would Jesus be into Christianity?

“Should we even care what they think considering Gandhi slept with naked girls in his bed, Malcolm X dealt drugs and Che Guevara smelt funny? All great people are flawed, all of us, flawed people are capable of greatness and for every identifiable icon there is an anonymous mob of unrecognised bods doing all the admin and heavy lifting. This show looks at the importance of heroes in this age of atheistic disposability.”

Tickets cost £25 from the Box Office on 01293 553636. Book online at www.hawth.co.uk.

Booking fees apply.