Tracking down ghosts

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Things that go bump in the night will be investigated live on stage at Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre.

A team of paranormal investigators will be at the venue on November 10 to enlist the help of the audience in finding evidence of ghostly activity.

Psychic and medium Chris Conway, paranormal historian Richard Felix and ghost-hunter Denise Mott will try to discover the secrets of the afterlife in a show which investigates local activity through live experiments.

Psychic And Science will trace the legends, myths and paranormal stories from Worthing and the surrounding area before then inviting the audience to help with table-tipping, Ouija boards, séances and lone vigils in an attempt to prove reality in the myths.

The interactive parts of the evening includes demonstrations and readings as well as a live broadcast online with live camera feeds which are intended to give concise and rational explanations for any activity uncovered - so the organisers say.

Chris is a clairvoyant who most frequently works to clear homes of unwanted spirits, pass on messages from loved ones and use his ability as part of paranormal investigation groups. He has released a series of relaxation and hypnosis CDs and appeared on series 13 and 14 of Most Haunted as well as their live shows from Morecambe and Norfolk.

Richard specialises in paranormal military history with a special interest in disasters such as The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Alamo, Custer’s Last Stand and the Titanic. He runs ghost tours around the UK and Ireland and has personally taken over 250,000 people on ghost tours including those around Derby Gaol.

Denise and her company Compass Paranormal also lead ghost hunts all over the UK and investigate allegedly haunted locations including stately homes, castles, shops, forts and underground bunkers.

Each member of the team will attempt to give explanations for any seemingly inexplicable events which take place during the evening as they lead the audience through the night’s experiments.

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