Stand-up searches for her correct place in history

Lucy Porter. Picture by Steve Ullathorne
Lucy Porter. Picture by Steve Ullathorne

Comedy stalwart Lucy Porter is touring this year after her hugely successful and critically acclaimed Edinburgh Festival run in ‘Me Time’ – Lucy’s tenth solo show.

The stand-up is set to perform at Cranleigh Arts Centre on Friday, March 20 (8pm).

In her previous touring show ‘Northern Soul’, Lucy told audiences how she never felt at ease growing up in Croydon, and found her spiritual home in Manchester.

This time, Lucy wonders whether she was born in the wrong era, as well as the wrong place.

In this hour of informative and entertaining feel-good stand-up, Lucy tries to define her rightful place in history.

Would she have been happier as a Victorian explorer? A 1920s Hollywood starlet? Hatshepsut the Egyptian Pharaoh? Stalin? Lucy explains her frustrations with the modern world, from the trivial – the bewildering selection of beer glass shapes now available in pubs, to the more serious – the government’s catastrophic mishandling of the Royal Mail sell-off.

She then delves into the past, in a quest to find whether ‘simpler times’ ever really existed.

Would it be worth going back to a time before electric light and penicillin to be rid of fake eyelashes and Nespresso?

The audience will, of course, be invited to suggest their own preferred periods in history.

To purchase tickets call 01483 278000.