Romina leading us into the world of Narnia

Adventurous and imaginative are the key things to bring out when you are playing Lucy in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, says Romina Hytten who will be playing precisely that role in this year’s Christmas production from Chichester Festival Youth Theatre.

“Lucy is the one that goes into Narnia,” says Romina, aged 14, who lives in Storrington and goes to school in Horsham.

“Lucy is a very kind and very friendly person. She is very independent as well. They have never been to their uncle’s before, and they go into this really big house that is really exciting for them. But she misses her dad. Lucy sings a song and mentions about the father being in the Royal Navy. She is the only one that mentions their father.”

It’s a story rich in hidden meanings, and you can explore them as much as you like when you read the book, Romina says.

“But for the show it’s just about enjoying it and watching the characters progress. Not many people might be able to see what is underneath it all, but the story is just really interesting, and there is dancing and singing and even sign language. It’s really effective.

“I have always watched the shows from when I was little. The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe six years ago was the first one I saw (the first time the Youth Theatre did it). I have just always wanted to be an actor. My mum found out that you had to be part of the Youth Theatre, and I was on the waiting list for two years.

“But they opened up a sub-group in Littlehampton about two years ago and I went to that. I auditioned for the first show that I could get in, and that was the Snow Queen. I was a bee. And then after that, I was in The Firework Maker’s Daughter.”

Romina missed out on last year’s Chichester Festival Youth Theatre production because of commitments to her school production instead.

“But (being in the Youth Theatre) is just so amazing. It’s just so nice to be part of a proper show where everyone wants to be there. In school shows, there are some people that don’t want to be in it or aren’t really trying, but with the Youth Theatre shows, the enthusiasm is so high.”

Romina recalls that it was scary being on the main-house stage: “I had a couple of lines and I remember being so nervous, but it was really really exciting just to be doing it.

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