REVIEW: The Counterfeit Stones (The Capitol, Horsham)

The Counterfeit Stones.
The Counterfeit Stones.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear as I grow older, I’m not likely to see The Rolling Stones live in concert.

To be honest, the idea of forking out a king’s ransom and sitti ng in a mega stadium watching the boys on a TV screen (because they are so far away on stage) doesn’t fill me with excitement anyway.

So, I make do by watching tTe Counterfeit Stones.

However, ‘making do’ certainly doesn’t do this amazing band justice.

Since 1991 they have been re-creating the sound of tTe Rolling Stones with stunning accuracy and getting their audience dancing in the aisles.

It was no different last night (Friday March 20) at the Capitol in Horsham.

They played a host of classics to a packed auditorium and had us all singing along.

But The Counterfeit Stones aren’t just content wth sounding like the real thing.

With tongue firmly tucked in cheek, they have created an almost Spinal Tap version of the band.

So we have Nick Dagger fronting the band, joined by Keef Rikard, Bill Hymen and Ronnie B Goode.

Brian and Mick Tailor-Made also make an appearance as the music coasts through the 60s and 70s, And Nicky Popkiss (in reality Chuck Ravel as Nicky Hopkins) rounds off the band.

A popular part of the act are the various hilarious videos (that help the guys do costume changes) which include the life of a roadie and a guest spot on the Sooty and Sweep show.

With Nick Dagger providing plenty of humour on stage as well, this is a fun time for all.

The band don’t venture into the more modern era of the Stones, sensibly concentrating on the wealth of early Jagger/Richards material.

OK, so the real band would be a joy to watch, but in the meantime I’m very happy with the Counterfeit version.