REVIEW: One rocking evening from energetic young performers

We Will Rock You
We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You, The Sandra Wilson School of Performing Arts, Billingshurst Village Hall, October 20

Young performers received a huge round of applause after an energetic performance of We Will Rock You at Billingshurst Village Hall on Sunday.

Students from the The Sandra Wilson School of Performing Arts took control of the show for two fun-filled hours of rocking tunes.

The musical by Ben Elton and Queen is set in the distant future on an Earth controlled by the Globalsoft Corporation. Inhabitants of the planet must listen to the same music and think the same things.

However, a rebellious youth called Galileo hears strange lyrics in his head and dreams of rock glory.

Students performed the entire West End version of the show with a confidence that shone through in the singing, dancing and acting.

The costumes were created to an impressively high standard and the actors dazzled during the well-choreographed dance numbers.

There was plenty of comedy too, mainly from the older students who got some good laughs with their risqué quips and sarcastic put-downs.

The bickering between Galileo and Scaramouche was performed particularly well. The characters were played by Priya Sodha and Hannah Jones in act one and by Jenny Hardy and Katie Hardy in act two. This role-swapping had the potential to be jarring but all four performers threw themselves into the parts, which kept the characters consistent throughout the show.

Matt Ahern and Leah Goddard were clearly having fun playing the comical baddies Khasgoggi and Killer Queen, while Holly Blown put in an amusing performance as narrator/hippy Pop.

At the end of the evening, the audience were treated to a joyful performance of Bohemian Rhapsody, complete with live piano accompaniment.

There were too many talented actors to name individually but it’s safe to say that everyone involved gave it their all.

The students’ hard work paid off and they certainly deserved the round of applause they received.

By Lawrence Smith