‘Nature has its own sense of humour’

It’s just the perfect role at absolutely the right time of life, laughs Coronation Street star and one-time Good Sex Guide presenter Margi Clarke.

“For me, Hormonal Housewives... well, no acting required! I am bang in the middle of mine!

“I am just about staying sane, but it does have you going up the pole. But nature does have its own sense of humour. My daughter is going the other way. Her beauty is increasing. But mine is decreasing.”

Disappearing along with her ability to find the right word.

Margi admits that the menopause has made her Mrs Malaprop. But when you find yourself arranging to have a coffee in Pret-a-porter (rather than Pret-a-manger), all you can do is laugh.

Which is exactly what she will have us doing when Hormonal Housewives hits the stage at Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on Thursday, March 15, a play about the perils of being a 21st-century woman.

The comedy follows the lives of three women as they battle against a variety of modern-day temptations and complaints including weight gain, weight loss, mood swings, wine, PMS, men, going to the gym, waxing, stretch marks, upper-lip hair, chocolate, more men and more chocolate.

Speaking just before the show kicked off its tour, Margi (pronounced with a hard g though she was very sweet when I didn’t), admitted it’s a huge demand: “It’s quite a challenge for me as an actor. I am used to short sharp shocks, five minutes in front of the camera. With this you can’t run off into the wings and consult your script.”

But as she says, we are not talking deep philosophy here: “It takes a light-hearted look at it all. There are lots of laughs and it is very well written. It’s a good night out.”

Alongside the frustrations of growing older, there are at least a few pay-offs, Margi concedes: “You are happier to see other people get up and have a go.”

And Margi can look back on a great career: “I am really blessed to be in work. Acting is one of the most difficult professions. You can’t do it if you can’t take rejection. I have gone through many highs and lows, but this is my chosen profession.

“I could have gone off and done something else, but this is what I am here for.”

And it brings its amusing ironies.

“I was on the dole a couple of months ago. I have had a lot of periods in my life like that. And then I was doing panto up in Sheffield. I had just come off the dole and they asked me to turn the city’s (Christmas) lights on.”

Ironic indeed - as she says, there she was lighting up the whole city when she was struggling to pay for her own electricity at home!

Tickets on 01903 206206.