Lear given a bold new look

Debs Newbold.
Debs Newbold.

King Lear is offered in a strikingly-new version at Guildford’s Electric Theatre on Thursday, January 26 at 8pm.

Spokeswoman Caroline Bennett said: “This is no ordinary performance of King Lear. Professional storyteller Debs Newbold passionately re-tells Shakespeare’s tragedy in a stunningly re-woven version.

“Specially commissioned for the prestigious Hay Literary Festival, Newbold has boiled down King Lear to its psychological heart. It involves just the seven main characters: King Lear and his daughters, Gloucester and his sons - and the foolish voice of truth whispering in the storm.

“This remarkable young performer has told stories for BBC Radio, The Royal Festival Hall, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Royal Opera House and the V&A Museum. Her re-telling of the bard’s tragedy evokes a powerful response in audiences.

“Brought up in the industrial Midlands, with a strong Anglo-Irish heritage to draw upon, Debs is a dynamic and unforgettable performer. With one foot in the traditions and the other pointed firmly at the horizon, her repertoire stretches from Shakespeare and medieval folk tales to urban myths and encounters with 21st century barstool philosophers.

“Armed with a quick wit and a way with an audience, she can tell the epic, the tragic, the funny and the sentimental - and she can do bawdy with the best of them. Strong, skilled and brimming with charisma, Debs can command an audience of 1,000 at Shakespeare’s Globe or light up the very tiniest performing space.”

Box office: 01483 444 789 and online at www.electrictheatre.co.uk.