Join Jason and his Argonauts

Set sail with Jason and the Argonauts
Set sail with Jason and the Argonauts

Following a triumphant Edinburgh FesIval run, Temple Theatre revive their new fun‐filled show Unmythable at The Hawth Crawley this month (Monday February 25).

Set sail with Jason and the Argonauts as he takes you on his greatest mission: the quest to bring back the Golden Fleece.

Along the way they narrate, sing and clown their way through all the Greek myths you’ve ever heard of, and some you never knew existed.

Hear the Odyssey told from a foot-soldier’s perspective, see Midas after the gold ran out, and discover what really happened in that wooden horse.

Suitable for all the family, legendary heroes, deadly monsters, epic fights and fantastical flights are all brought vividly to life in an unmythable adventure that merges first class physical theatre with high-jinx antics, song and drama.

Performed by three superb actors and with songs from Barbershopera’s Rob Castell.

Temple Theatre is an international company based in the UK.

Their work employs ensemble practices to explore old stories and create exhilarating, accessible and unique theatre.

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