Interactive snow play

Expect a white Christmas in Chichester’s Minerva Theatre - a white Christmas that refuses to go away...

Snow Play is in Chichester from December 12-15, presented by the Lyngo Theatre and Lyric Hammersmith.

Company founder, writer and actor Patrick Lynch explains: “Snow Play does what it says on the tin. It’s all about snow, and it’s a very interactive show. That’s another of the characteristics of the company. Pretty much all our shows are interactive to some degree.

“The children come on stage to a greater or lesser degree for every show, and this one is no different. We give the chance for everyone in the audience to play with the snow, and we always have a big snowball fight that everyone joins in with.

“It’s all about how wonderful snow is, and that’s the story really. The story is about the battle between Mr Green and Mr White. Mr Green comes home from holiday and finds Mr White living in his house.

“Mr White is really representing winter and Mr Green is all about spring. The idea is that winter just refuses to go away. He starts to cover Mr Green’s garden with snow and then his whole house. He tries to get Mr Green out.

“Really the whole show is about how we get rid of winter, but in the end inevitably the sun does return and Mr White does have to go - but in the end Mr Green and Mr White are reconciled.”

Patrick set up the company six years ago: “Our main distinguishing feature is that we work a lot with European artists, especially Italian artists. It means that our work has a different flavour. People see our work as original. It is about as far away from Disney as you can possibly get! We get compared to lots of things, but strangely quite a lot to Beckett... weirdly! I think it is because of the images that we use.”

Tickets on 01243 781312.