Back-stabbing and tittle-tattle in the village of Tilling

Mapp and Lucia. Picture by Joe Mott
Mapp and Lucia. Picture by Joe Mott

Down on the coast of Sussex, nestled on the edge of Romney Marsh, lies the quaint old village of Tilling.

To an outsider, driving their Morris or Wolseley through its quiet streets in the late 1920s, it would seem a quiet and unassuming place, where people live happily side-by-side in perfect harmony.

A world of church bazaars and cream teas. The very epitome of England and all things English.

But looks can be deceptive.

In reality it is a hive of gossip, back-stabbing and tittle-tattle run by a woman of formidable energy and deviousness, determined to stop at nothing to ensure that Tilling remains her private domain, over which she can rule her subjects with a rod of iron.

However, all that is about to change. A glamorous challenger is about to enter her realm. An interloper who rules her own domain of Risholme in the Cotswolds with equal determination and now seeks new lands to conquer.

The gauntlet has been thrown down and the challenge for the crown of Tilling is about to begin.

The result can be nothing less than all out war and there can be but one victor.

Wivelsfield Little Theatre look forward to welcoming audiences to Tilling and the world of E. F. Benson when they present Make Way for Lucia this autumn.

Many will be familiar with Benson’s Mapp and Lucia novels and this dramatization by John van Druton, directed by Lesley Corbett, will be Wivelsfield Little Theatre’s next production at the Village Hall this November.

There, audiences will meet the aforementioned Mapp and Lucia along with many other characters including Georgie Pillson, Major Bengy and the esteemed Mr and Mrs Wyse.

The dates are Thursday to Saturday, November 15-17, at Wivelsfield Village Hall, Eastern Road, Wivelsfield Green, Haywards Heath. People can buy tickets online from (no booking fee) or call the box office on 07754 895936.

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