New art gallery opened to promote original art

JPCT 270814 S14351103x Rachael's Kitchen, Art Ache Gallery. Sally Bushnell -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140827-111524001
JPCT 270814 S14351103x Rachael's Kitchen, Art Ache Gallery. Sally Bushnell -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140827-111524001

Artists from across the district will now have a new place to display their work after a gallery opened in Horsham town centre last week.

Art Ache art gallery held its grand opening on Saturday (August 30) and is now open for the public to go down and browse the artwork and maybe even spend a few pennies.

The gallery was created by Sally Bushnell, from Southwater, with the aim of bringing original pieces of artwork to Horsham whilst introducing a new place for local artists to display their work.

Sally said: “It is all about people being able to buy and appreciate an original piece of art.

“We want a nice relaxed atmosphere where people can come and talk about the art.

“It is all about making people feel welcome whilst talking about art with people who understand it and selling it at a reasonable price.”

Sally owned a gallery previously before moving to Southwater.

She ran Art Ache in Havant for six years where she built up a good understanding about the work she was selling and learnt a lot of valuable lessons. She plans to bring this experience to the new gallery in the town centre.

“It was at this gallery I learnt all my mistakes. I have learnt a lot since then and will bring these lessons to the new gallery here. We were there for six years and I loved every minute of it. I am very excited to be opening it again in Horsham.”

The gallery’s secondary objective, as well as offering original artwork to people, is to discover and showcase new local artists in the area.

“Most galleries charge 100 per cent for artists to display their work especially in London,” she said. “Most artists can’t afford this.

“We only take a third of what they make and charge very little to put on an exhibition.

“We are doing it very low cost so we can attract new local artists to Horsham.”

Sally said it will cost artists around £160 to put displays on at the gallery. Currently it has work on display from Kelly Delaney, Nicky Figgins and Ian Sherman.

The gallery itself is part of Rachel’s Kitchen, in the Carfax, and is located on the second floor of the building whilst also sharing some space with Daisy’s Pop up books on the first floor.

Sally said: “We are very thankful for Rachel for letting us use this space. If it wasn’t for Rachel clearing the space on these floors we would not be here.

“People can come down and have a cup of coffee and a cake whilst looking around the gallery and talking about art.”

It is open six days a week from 10am until 4pm. If you are interested in having your work put on display or even buying a piece of artwork then visit Sally at the gallery.