Sophie perfects her act for Open Mic competition

Sophie Stonehouse
Sophie Stonehouse

Horsham’s Sophie Stonehouse is dreaming of the big time after success so far in this year’s Open Mic competition.

She has made it through to the regional finals in Hove on October 26.

13-year-old Sophie, who goes to Millais school in Horsham, said: “I entered the competition for the experience and for a possible change of life style.

“I have a big bright personality, and I am always singing in class and around the school. My form is known as the fun form because in free periods we are always singing and having a great time.

“I have always performed in talent shows and school plays, so I am known for my voice around the school. I auditioned last year for Open Mic but I didn’t make it past the regional final. I think it was because of my confidence.

“I had less experience last year I didn’t really understand the competition and how it worked 100 per cent, but this year I have come back 110 per cent dedicated with full understanding of how serious the whole competition really is for my future career.

“I auditioned this year with the song Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabriella Aplin. I chose this song because it shows my confident range and my confidence comes out in the song. The auditioning stage is very nerve-racking. It was an under-16 audition. There were about 100-150 people in the room. I just remember everyone staring at each other nervously, although I was a lot more confident this year.

“The day of my audition I didn’t want to be too confident because I didn’t want to think I was getting through then not but when I found out I did, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and another event to look forward to.

“The regional finals are a whole new level of trying to impress the judges. I am going to bring my all to the table and fight for my place for the next round in Portsmouth. I can’t wait. I am always practising and perfecting my performance from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. I am hoping for a career in the music industry and an unforgettable experience to do what I love.”