Restless musical spirit

First coming to public attention with 2005’s Normal For Bridgewater, Peter Bruntnell was initially categorized in the alt-country bracket (The Chichester Inn, Wednesday, October 5, 8.30pm)

“But his restless musical spirit has meant each successive album striking out in new directions,” says promoter Alan Robinson.

“2009’s Peter And The Murder Of Crows, filled with psychedelic drones and mellifluous tunes, was Americana Album Of The Month in MOJO Magazine and one of Q magazine’s Americana Albums Of The Year.

“Peter’s albums feature strange tales of small town romance and big-city isolation, the erosion of community and the wonders of family life, ticking all the right sonic boxes for a fiercely-loyal fan base. Writers searching for reference points for Bruntnell often compare him with Nick Drake and Syd Barratt.”

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