Musical harmony for husband and wife

Husband and wife team Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion balance the opposite for their musical harmony.

The US duo, who play The Chichester Inn, Chichester, on Friday, September 30 at 8.30pm, are contrasting personalities, laughs Sarah Lee.

“Johnny grew up in the restaurant business down south (in the Carolinas), and his family encouraged him to cut his hair and get a real job in a nine-to-five atmosphere and be what I would call normal.

“He is a hard worker. He has got that instinct. I just knew I would be OK with him. He would work hard at whatever he had to do.

“But I am actually the most relaxed individual that I have ever met. I keep him calm at times! That’s how it works emotionally. I am the calm one. I think I have just always been that way. I am a very spiritual person. I grew up in an ashram environment and I do a lot of yoga.”

It’s Johnny who’s the song writer, and a prolific one too. They had about 50 songs when they went into the last record: “Thank goodness we have got great producers. It is down to them to decide!”

The album is called Bright Examples, and that song pile is now back up to the 50-plus mark again.

“We have been working as a duo for more than ten years,” Johnny says. “We have been married for 12. We met in LA through my good friend Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes from the tour. Sarah Lee had moved to LA and she knew all these guys.

“We got married first and then we put out a couple of solo records and touring as solo artists, and we deceid that we would hang out! We started touring together and doing shows together and that led to our career.”

And to two children, aged nine and four - which certainly adds to the complexity of touring.

“I always say pack light!”

Tickets £10 from 01243 774641 or direct from The Chichester Inn or