Indians on tour

Irish band The Indians head for The Venue, Chichester, on Thursday, October 27 as part of their 40th anniversary tour.

They play as guests of Chichester Country Music Club.

Spokesman Eamonn Keane said: “The Indians’ Big Chief Raymond Kelly is a dynamic vocalist and his new CD single Big Chief And The Boys is getting great recognition all over the country.

“When Big Chief sings, he captures the audience in the palm of his hand. His natural talent has won him a legion of admirers, and he is comfortable with all types of songs.

“The Indians show consists of many different styles of music. You will hear country, pop, ballads and instrumentals along with some light hearted fun which can include some members of the audience. Their stage costumes and make-up add up to a very colourful and exciting show.

“Each visit of The Indians to The Venue brings a capacity crowd of both young and old, so come along and experience a show that is full of great music and plenty of surprises.

“Other members of the band are Eamonn (Sitting Bull) on keyboards, Kevin (Long Arrow) on drums, Brian (Crazy Horse) on bass guitar, and Tommy (Dull Knife) on lead guitar.”

Tickets £10.