Charlie back where it all started

Interviewees don’t come more likeable or easier to talk to than Charlie Landsborough who returns to the theatre where it all started on his latest tour.

It will be a place full of memories when Charlie stops off at Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on Wednesday, October 19.

“Worthing was the first major theatre I ever played,” says Charlie, whose music flows effortlessly between folk, country and even gospel.

“The gentleman who used to get my bookings used to put on a country music festival way back there, and I came down. I went down on the train (from Liverpool, where he still lives), did a few songs and then went home again. That would have been about 85. It was all a bit nerve-racking, but it was a smashing venue.”

All that’s missing is hooking up with an old Worthing pal of his - Ron Thomas. Ron, if you are out there, Charlie would love to hear from you.

The current tour comes at a great time for Charlie. His new record label has just brought out a

36-track two CD compilation, The Very Best Of Charlie Landsborough.

Looking at it, Charlie admits it’s a lovely feeling: “When I started, I had no real faith in myself whatsoever. I have just always loved lyrics and words, but I never believed I could write anything. But I do remember getting my first cheque for something I had written - £20. I started writing and I paid for a little cassette. My wife said we could never afford it, but I bought it and I recorded and it laid the groundwork really.”

Since then, Charlie has gone on to show that he’s here for the long run.

“It’s a very fickle world in the music business, but the nice thing is that the people that come to see me are the older people - like myself! And when they put an arm around you, it stays there. It is wonderful to sustain it, but also I have got a great team around me. Anyone who says they do it on their own is an idiot!”

“But also I think people like the fact that I am just an ordinary bloke from the back streets of Merseyside. You can’t get grand living where I do. I have always hated pomp and circumstance. I have always hated arrogance. If you start behaving like that around here, they will pretty soon put you back in your box!”