Band to play ‘spectacular’ songs at gig

AS the Blockheads prepare to play a gig in St Paul’s, in Chapel Road, Worthing, tomorrow night, guitarist John Turnbull tells the Herald what fans can expect.

“We will be playing songs from the new album, some funk and rock songs, as well as mixing it up with the best of Ian’s (Dury) songs,” said John.

“There are so many good songs it can be hard to put a set list together at times.”

The band’s latest album Same Horse, Different Jockey was released on Saturday.

He continued: “I can’t wait it should be fantastic, I’m really proud of this album.

“It sounds very Blockheads to me, we all wrote songs on it and recorded it all live, there was little over dubbing done.

“It’s a cooking album, there’s some spectacular songs on it. Some of the lyrics are the funniest I’ve heard in a long time.”

The band is currently celebrating their 35th anniversary.

Tickets are £20 and can be purchased from the venue, and