"She lost everything and I lost everything when I lost her"

Victoria Hills and her mum Tracey
Victoria Hills and her mum Tracey

A visit from an international flute trio will help commemorate a Chichester student who died after complaining of an earache.

20-year-old Victoria Hills, from Chichester, went to bed at her halls of residence on the morning of Saturday, February 3 last year and tragically didn’t wake up. She was found a day later in her room at Bournemouth University.

The cause of death was an ENT infection called Lemierre’s Syndrome.

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Her mum Tracey has got together with Chichester historian Ken Green to organise a concert from the Kenwenike Trio, who normally tour with the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra of Boston, USA.

“They are giving a special one-off performance called Music from a Summer Garden, at St George’s Church, Whyke, on Wednesday, July 17 at 7.30pm. The flute orchestra tours all over the world so it is a privilege to have them at St George’s.”

Half of the proceeds will go to the church and half of the proceeds will go to Rumboldswhyke School on behalf of Victoria’s Legacy, a not-for-profit organisation which Tracey hopes to turn into a charity “one day when I have the strength and energy.”

“It’s such a special concert for several reasons and will hopefully raise a good amount through donations, even though entry is free. We felt we didn’t want to exclude anyone from seeing such international musicians in a one-off performance, hence no entry charge, but we would appreciate the donations.

“I set up Victoria’s Legacy in order to raise awareness about Lemierre’s Syndrome because it’s a disease which is rare, but it’s making a comeback and Victoria was just the age it attacks. People need to know about it. They call it the forgotten disease.

“It’s a horrible disease. It kills so quickly. She just thought she had flu, and she also thought she had given herself food poisoning. She thought she had both at the same time. It turns out she had glandular fever which weakened her immune system and allowed this to happen.

“She was all I had. I just feel like I have lost everything. She lost everything and I lost everything when I lost her. She was my whole world. The last thing she sent me on Facebook was a virtual hug. I sent her a heart…”

Tracey admits she struggles: “But her friends have been really good. They have really rallied round and we are all good friends now. We look after each other and we help each other.”
Tracey has set up a Facebook page Victoria’s Legacy –”a page that I hope will create something positive and make sure that Victoria is always remembered and that she carries on making an impact.”

There is also a bench on Bournemouth sea front, Victoria’s favourite spot.

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