Chichester’s CAOS Musical Productions revive Half a Sixpence

Adam Fox
Adam Fox

Chichester’s CAOS Musical Productions take to the stage at Bognor’s Regis Centre with a production of Half a Sixpence.

The show runs from Wednesday, June 12-Saturday, June 15.

It’s the show which tempted Adam Fox, who plays Arthur Kipps, to join CAOS in the first place.

“I have done two concerts with them before, and this is my first full show, but to be honest, I heard that they were doing Half A Sixpence and I wanted to do it, so I joined the company a couple of concerts before that, just to get to know them.

“I missed the show at Chichester Festival Theatre which was odd, but I saw it in the West End with Charlie Stemp in it, and I thought it was a part that would really suit me. I saw that they were doing it in Chichester and I went to audition.

“It was a standard audition, two songs, three bits of dialogue against everyone else that was auditioning. I did it more in hope than expectation.

“But I got it. I tend to do character acting, and Kipps comes across as a good strong character”.

In the show, Kipps and Ann were childhood friends. When they were parted as children, Kipps cut a sixpence in half and told Ann to look at it whenever she missed him.

Years later, Kipps is working as an apprentice in a draper’s shop in Folkestone. Ann arrives in the town, looking for him. They meet and re-kindle their childhood friendship. Then everything changes.

Kipps meets Chitterlow – an eccentric actor/playwright – and finds out that he has inherited a fortune.

He leaves the shop and is drawn into high society. He meets and falls in love with Helen Walsingham. They get engaged but Ann finds out before Kipps has a chance to tell her.

She tells him that she never wants to see him again and is furious and upset at how he has treated her…

For Adam, a big part of the pleasure lies in exploring the character of Kipps, an appealing guy but with plenty to discover as he gets deeper into character.

Adam is enjoying the challenge which the role is bringing him.

“Kipps is great. He is a lot of fun to play. He likes to mess around a little bit and have a laugh with everyone around him. I like doing those kinds of roles on stage.

“But actually for quite a lot of the show, he is a bit clueless. He doesn’t really know what is going on around him. He gets whisked off by having a lot of money that he is not used to.

“He gets taken along by the story that he has no control over. It is just about him getting through each stage. He just keeps ploughing on. Playing Kipps is all about determination mixed with charm.”

Adam lives in Chichester: “But I am originally from just outside Bristol. I came to Chichester for university. I did a degree and a masters. I did a music with musical theatre degree and my masters was in musical performance.

“I finished about two years ago, and I have been living in Chichester ever since. I just love the place.

“Where I am from back home is like a smaller version of Chichester. It is just like the same place. I just like the fact that Chichester is a bigger version.

“I work for a company that sells stuff online. It would be good to have acting as a career, but how realistic is it? I just don’t know. It hasn’t materialised yet. I have done my degree. I have done my training. Whatever I get now is whatever I get. The path realistically now is to go for auditions.

“But the rehearsals for this have been great fun. It is quite a young cast which is good fun for all of us. It means that everyone is around the same age and so it is all quite sociable. It makes for a good fun rehearsal process.”

Tickets from the Regis Centre.

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