Chichester course will explore the genius of Beethoven

Angela Zanders
Angela Zanders

Beethoven and the Age of Revolution will bring music alive in Chichester this autumn.

Pianist and lecturer Angela Zanders will be running another of her music appreciation courses at The Studio, New Park Centre, Chichester, starting on September 23.

The ten-week course, entitled Beethoven and the Age of Revolution will take place on Mondays, 1.30pm-3.30pm and will be open to all classical music lovers, including those with little or no knowledge of the subject.

As Angela explains, her passion is for bringing composers and their music alive for others. She will use visual presentations and videos of musical performances as well as demonstrating at the piano.

Angela said: “Ever since I was a child, I have adored reading about the lives and the background to the composers whose music I love. Exploring the composer’s personality,

circumstances and influences, the historical background to the period he or she lived in and the stylistic and structural features prevalent at the time all help to enlighten one’s understanding of the music which was composed.

“You can certainly enjoy a piece of music without knowing anything about it, but the scope for enhanced appreciation through greater understanding of what to listen for is immeasurable.

“I first started giving music appreciation courses over 30 years ago as a direct result of my abhorrence of the elitist image classical music seems to have for so many. Everyone can have access to the enjoyment of classical music, and in my classes I take great care to try to meet people ‘where they are’ in terms of their knowledge, or lack of it. It is not necessary to be able to read music or have any previous knowledge to gain an understanding and greater appreciation of it.

“I structure my classes to highlight a variety of different angles on the subject, using slides and videos of orchestral, solo and chamber performances, first explaining and demonstrating features to listen out for and inviting ideas, observations and questions from the group. I read from the composers’ letters, from the accounts of their contemporaries and from articles by scholars and experts on the subject.

“Beethoven is absolutely my favourite composer. I had the privilege of studying music in Vienna where he and so many great composers lived and worked and I have led several musical tours of the city, focusing on visiting the fascinating museums which were once the composers’ houses, as well as other venues associated with their lives and careers.

“Beethoven’s music has always had universal appeal, reaching people of all ages and backgrounds in the way it inspires, excites and reflects a whole range of human emotion and experience. He was, in many ways, a tragic figure, yet he was determined to proclaim a message of joy, hope and brotherhood through his music despite a lifetime of loneliness, illness and encroaching deafness.”

The course fee is £100, payable in advance. For details and to enrol, contact Angela on 07582 537123 or

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