Discover the secrets of the Sussex Resistance

The Home Guard in Sussex was ready to act if a German invasion succeeded
The Home Guard in Sussex was ready to act if a German invasion succeeded

Secret Sussex Resistance tells the story of Churchill’s secret resistance army that would have harried the Germans in the event of an invasion in 1940.

This Southwick Society Heritage Talk will be presented in the Garden Room at Southwick Community Centre, in Southwick Street, on Monday at 7.30pm.

Nigel Divers, secretary of Southwick Society, said: “Top secret throughout the war, the Sussex Resistance was largely forgotten afterwards but fortunately Stewart Angell, who will be presenting this talk, has spent many years researching their history.

“He will tell the story of these desperate times and the small groups of men who were to risk almost certain death to resist an invader.

“Especially fascinating is his research into their amazingly ingenious secret hideouts.”

German invasion plans for 1940 included landings on the Sussex coast between the Adur and Ouse. They would have been met by regular British and Canadian troops and the Home Guard.

If the invader had succeeded in breaking through the coastal defences, they would have been harried by patrols of the top secret Home Guard Auxiliary Units.

This secret resistance was formed of farmers, gamekeepers and others with a detailed knowledge of the countryside. It was based in a series off hidden dugouts, tunnels and burrows in places like Tottington Woods, Wiston and Ringmer.

The army gave them the best equipment and training, for they were be the last ditch defence.

Fortunately, they never had to go into action but they remained in being until 1944, when all danger of invasion had passed.

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