Worthing Birdman 2013 preview

An entrant from last year's Birdman takes flight
An entrant from last year's Birdman takes flight

FLYING fun returns to Worthing this weekend for the ever-popular annual Birdman event.

The competition, which attracts participants from across the globe, will see serious flyers compete to glide a distance of 100 metres into the English Channel for a £10,000 cash prize.

Sharon Clarke, Worthing town centre manager, said: “There will be full competition on both days which is the first time we have done that. It’s bringing Worthing to the forefront both nationally and internationally.”

Fun flyers will also launch themselves off of Worthing pier in a multitude of fancy dress outfits to raise money for charity.

A specially designed 35ft platform will be erected on the pier to give competitors the extra height they need to try and travel the furthest distance possible.

For the full preview of this year’s event, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, August 8.