Land lubbers welcome at Pirates Playzone

Pirates Playzone
Pirates Playzone

Holmbush Farm World is launching itself into the school holidays by unveiling an exciting new Pirates Playzone – complete with full-sized, purpose-built pirate ship.

Land lubbers across Surrey and West Sussex are invited to join the official launch celebrations being marked by a pirate-themed long weekend running from Thursday, July 25, to Sunday, July 28.

There will be pirate crafts and competitions and a prize every day for the best-dressed pirate (judged daily at 2.30pm).

So pull on your black patches, tie your bandanas and straighten up your tricorn hats; grab your treasure maps, pieces of eight and parrots and set your sails for the farm, for days full of fun and high-jinx on the high seas.

The ship is designed to actively encourage imaginative play in young children.

They can clamber up to the bridge and take to the helm, man the canons, head below decks and man the look-outs, or quickly evacuate the ship via the slippery slide.

In hot weather they’ll need to be on the look out for an occasional surprise splash from the surrounding seas too!

The ship, designed and created by Billingshurst builder Eric Minogue, has been built using all the farm’s own home-grown and home-milled woods.

It sits alongside the well-established Wild West Playzone, bouncing pillows and animal barns.

The farm, on the A264 at Faygate, offers both indoor and outdoor play areas, animal handling, plus a tea barn and tractor rides.

For more information call 01293 851110 or visit the farm’s website at