DVD review: Mitsuko Delivers (3 out of 5 stars)

Mitsuko Delivers
Mitsuko Delivers

Director Yura Ishii has delivered a fascinating story of one woman’s dertermination to overcome anything that life throws at her.

Naka Riisa is Mitsuko, the best part of nine months pregnant and abandoned by her American boyfriend, living alone, penniless and seemingly without a friend.

But her determination and spirit mean that she won’t sit back and get depressed.

This Japanese (subtitled) movie is slightly surreal but is full of joy.

Western audiences may not fully understand some of the fundamental aspects of the movie - the different culture and emotions displayed.

And the translation of one Japanese word as ‘cool’ seems to fall well short of its precise meaning.

However, Riisa is excellent as she ignores discomfort and reactions of others to ensure everyone realises their potential.

There are good comic moments and Ishii’s direction is sharp and well observed.

After a diet of Hollywood remakes and comic-book violence, it’s a pleasant change to enjoy a gentle but thoughtful film that shows originality.

The DVD comes with a short ‘making of...’ documentary.

Further details from www.thirdwindowfilms.com

Steve Payne