DVD review: Killshot (15) (95mins)

A scene from Killshot.
A scene from Killshot.

SO HERE’S yet another in the seemingly-endless succession of films which somehow mistake casual killing for content worth watching.

In fairness, the title says it all, with no promise of anything of substance - a half-hearted, unappealing film which is apparently the result of years of delays and some fairly savage cutting.

Thank goodness for the latter.

The presence of Diane Lane lifts things just a little, but she’s an actress deserving of far more than she’s actually given here, however resourceful her character when the chips are down.

Lane and her husband witness some ghastly goings-on and so are forced into a witness protection scheme which is fairly quickly penetrated by the two villains on their tail.

One is a sober Native American who barely speaks, preferring to do most of his communicating with his gun. The other, his total opposite, is a reckless, brainless thug.

Fate has forced them together, and you know from the start that they are far more likely to do each other harm than actually catch the husband and wife who unwittingly hold their fate in their hands.

Grim pointless stuff, unrelieved by either humour or terribly much plot.

one out of five stars

Phil Hewitt

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