Bookshop pops back to Horsham Market

Daisy White
Daisy White

Fresh from its success at Ardingly Arts Fest, Daisy White’s The Pop-Up Indie Bookshop returns to Horsham Market for two more dates.

Saturday, July 13, show-cases BBC2’s Dragons Den entrepreneur Philip Craik and his amazing Popagami (12pm to 1pm).

Children’s Publisher Karen Stevens (1pm to 2pm), who heads up Hogs Back Books, presents some brilliant new releases.

Best-selling Horsham novelists Eileen Sutherland (2pm to 3pm) and Keith Mapp (3pm to 4pm) sign copies of ‘Changing Gear... A bike ride from Britain to Bulgaria’ and ‘Going Off the Rails... The Madness of John Biddle’ .

Bookshop founder and author Daisy White is delighted with the continued popularity of her fifty strong creative team of independent authors, and publishers.

She said: “There are some great ‘indie’ books out there, but without an affordable, innovative marketing outlet, potential readers must trawl through thousands on the internet, and these books and authors never really get their ‘heads above water’.

“This way authors have a platform for signings, and launches, and can actually interact with their readers.

“Plus, the Bookshop is a great way to meet fellow writers, and share experiences.

“With the self-publishing trend set to run and run, as well as Horsham Market, we’ll be taking ‘pop-up’ shop space in various shopping centres across the South-East.”

As usual the Bookshop presents a unique quirky mix of free advice to wannabe writers, chat and a few vintage props at the Writers Table.

On Saturday, July 13, there will be a Popagami Treasure Hunt, Goodie Bags and plenty of Giveaways.

To chat to any of the featured authors, and browse a wide selection of fantastic books visit the Pop-Up Indie Bookshop in the Carfax on Saturday July 13 and August 3.