Tribute to Tony Millard

Fellow umpire and equally loyal servant to Sussex cricket, Terry Burstow, paid the following tribute to Tony Millard, who died suddenly on Friday:

“The final of the National Over 50s competition is due to be played at Kibworth in Leicestershire on Sunday September 8 and one of the umpires for this prestigious event was to have been our own Tony Millard.

“I had been given permission by Nick Cousins, Senior Executive Officer of the ECB Umpires Association, to tell Tony in advance and I did so last Tuesday, and I am so glad I did.

“He, of course, saw it as an honour for Sussex not for himself. You would expect nothing else.

“But for once he was wrong. This was his honour and a richly deserved one at that. He loved his Sussex cricket: Sussex CCC, the Sussex Cricket League, Brighton Brunswick CC, Haywards Heath CC and much much more.

“He took up umpiring late in his cricket career and often said he wished he had done it earlier. He very quickly became one of our best umpires and was always quick to help with an opinion or advice.

“It is a real shame he never made it to Kibworth.

“I think I will remember him most for the game he never did. The game that would have been the pinnacle of his umpiring career.

“I can only assume that St Peter needed urgent advice on his T20 regulations!

“God bless him.”