Warning follows massive increase in mud fever cases

AN unprecedented high number of mud fever incidences among horses has been reported by the British Equine Veterinary Association following exceptionally heavy ground this winter.

A big rise in cases has stemmed from waterlogged ground in paddocks and fields all over the country.

Horse owners have been warned that prolongued usage of sodden ground for any turnout can result in deep cracks being formed at the back of a horse’s pastern.

This can result in bacteria entering through the broken skin resulting in severe infections with swollen and painful legs.

The condition can result in severe lameness in a horse.

The wet summer this year has meant that many horses have never really recovered from it throughout the year and vets have warned that, rather than help, barrier creams can result in infection being trapped in.

Stable the horse on clean bedding, clip the affected area so air can get to it, dry the area and consult a vet for treatment.