Visitors 'fours' the issue at Pagham open

The Pagham open fours winners with the club president
The Pagham open fours winners with the club president

We have action from Pagham, Chichester, Witterings, Crablands, Bognor, Middleton, Midhurst and Petworth in our latest round-up from West Sussex's bowls clubs.


Popes Mead A 8 Chichester A 45

A brilliant performance by Chichester A away to Popes Mead A saw them progress into the fourth round of the National Club Two Fours. Their opponents conceded with 15 ends still to play.

Scores: Peter Green, Kevin Ball, Nick Anderson, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 31-2; Peter Whale, Simon Tooley, Gary Miller, Tony Sayers (skip) won 14-6.

Worthing Pavilion 85 Chichester 70

Chichester never recovered from a slow start away to Worthing Pavilion and the holders were knocked out in the first round of the PC Cup.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Brian Talmage, Brian Butler, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 23-14; Peter Whale, Terry Wiseman, Simon Tooley, Mick Page (skip) lost 18-16; Peter Green, Mick Campbell, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 27-18; Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) lost 26-13.

Chichester B 145 Petworth 57

A superb display from Chichester B saw them take eight points from their West Sussex Bowls League Division three game at home to Petworth.

Scores: Tony Daines, Colin Hulbert, Peter Merritt, Chris Wade (skip) lost 23-22; Paul Chivers, Chas Campling, Terry Wiseman, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 43-6; Jim Neilson, Stephen Goddard, Les Shipp, Peter White (skip) won 25-22; John Walters, Stuart Wilson, Duncan Gray, Michael Hannant (skip) won 55-6.

Pagham 50 Chichester A 86

With three good wins and one narrow defeat Chichester A returned from Pagham with eight points from their West Sussex League division one match.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Mick Campbell, Stuart Meyer, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 16-14; Glyn Ball, Colin Spicer, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) won 29-7; Guy Buckle, Les Etherington, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 19-13; Peter Whale, Chas Campling, Brian Talmage, Mick Page (skip) won 24-14.

Chichester A 87 Norfolk A 61

In, almost, a repeat of their game the day before Chichester A took eight points from Norfolk A in their West Sussex Bowls League division one home match.

Scores: Glyn Ball, Liam Meffen, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) won 25-18; Ian Linfield, Colin Spicer, Brian Butler, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 19-18; Peter Whale, Stuart Meyer, Brian Talmage, Mick Page (skip) won 19-10; Peter Green, Les Etherington, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 25-14.

Chichester 108 Little Spain 70

Chichester were always in control of their mixed friendly match at home to Little Spain and recorded a comfortable victory.

Scores: Maggie Maggs, Stephen Goddard, Peter White (skip) lost 18-16; Ann Hulbert, Richard Smith, Peter Merritt (skip) won 25-15; Frances Downing, Guy Buckle, Jim Neilson (skip) won 28-12; Kirk Hardman, Lis Campling, Duncan Gray (skip) won 21-11; Colin Hulbert, John Walters, Mercedes Neilson (skip) won 18-14.


Witterings 72 Bognor 80

Scores (friendly): John Hardy, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) draw 17-17; Colin Carter, Alan Forsyth, John Langworthy, Ken Clark (s) won 21-17; Ron Prior, Tony Nixon, Glyn Dobson, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 18-19; Dave Buckton, Nigel Brown, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 16-27.

Witterings 106 SCRIBO 117

Witterings were pleased to welcome the London Secretaries Bowls Association (aka SCRIBO) to their green during their 2019 tour.

Following a spider in aid of local children’s charity Concern for Life, the match was played in a very friendly atmosphere with the visitors winning.

Witterings look forward to welcoming the association back to the club in 2021.

Scores: Lesley Thomas, Steve Thomas, Jackie Clapton, Dave Bell (s) lost 14-20; Stuart Hooker,Alan Somerville, Chris Horsley, Ken Clark (s) won 27-9; Ron Prior, Maureen Mulligan, Glyn Dobson, Fred Knotts (s) won 23-20; Sandy Paton, Doug Holden, Chris Jelf, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 14-22; Dave Buckton, Teresa Heathorn, John Langworthy, Anne May (s) lost 11-21; Marion Corbett, John Heathorn, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 17-25.

Witterings 33 Storrington 43

Witterings ladies welcomed the ladies from Storrington in the Game, Set & Match Ladies’ League.

The match was played in warm sunshine and enjoyed by all.

After a very close game on one rink, Storrington ladies won by one shot and gained the full six points.

Scores: Sue Dobson, Maureen Mulligan, Barbara Newman and Anne May (S) lost 17-18; Marion Corbett, Val Hooker, Chris Horsley and Carole Tuffin (S) lost 16-25.

Witterings102 Petworth 59

Petworth were two players short for this PC Cup match and the disadvantage was reflected in the score.

Scores: Colin Carter, John Hardy, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 21-17; Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 33-10; Alex Forsyth, Brian Barnes, Dave Bell, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 26-17; John Langworthy, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens(s) won 22-15.

Witterings 90 East Preston B 78

In the WS League, there was an exciting match for Witterings with Ray Stephens’ team going into the last end 21-24 down then scoring four to secure a win of 25-24.

Ken Clark’s team scored a ‘hot shot’ on the 13th, giving them a resounding win and securing six points for Witterings, with East Preston gaining four points.

Scores: Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 16-21; John Langworthy, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens(s) won 25-24; Colin Carter, John Hardy, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 35-7; Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Dave Bell, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 14-26.


A home match against a London Secretaries BC was rained off after eight ends.

In the Midhust Cup, Crablands got through to the next round by beating Stedham home and away, the voerall score 85-71.

Scores - Home sides - Val Foyle, Carole Cornwell and Mollie Back won 24-23; Elaine Sadler, John Cornwell and Tony Dade lost 12-19; Away sides - Chris Lewendon, Alan Blyth and Ian Ford won 28-16; Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon and Sue Blyth won 21-13.

They play Pagham in the next round.

Crablands men are through to the next round of the Top Club competition as opponents Worthing Beach House Park were unable to raise a team.

In the Brooks Motors League away to Maltravers, Crablands won on both rinks netting the maximum six points with a 52-21 win.

Scores: Richard Green, Nigel Reynolds and Mollie Back won 29-12; Jo Green, Melva Bateman and John Cornwell won 23-9.

Crablands’ two-wood yardstick competition resulted in ladies’ finalists of Pat Osborn and Elaine Sadler and men’s finalists of Peter Blackman and Mike Lockyer.


There was a little sun and a light breeze for the Pagham Open.

The day went well and the rain held off.

Prizes were presented by club president Peter Quilter and the winners were Team G from Aldingbourne BC – A Howson, J Hamilton, J Cordingly and N Boxall.

. Second were Team A from Marine Gardens, third Team J from East Preston.

It was very close fought with the standings changing in the last two ends.

Organisers thanked Reynolds for their sponsorship.

Elsewhere at Pagham, a men’s four-rink league match against Norfolk was lost 78-66 with two points gained.

Scores: T Wells, C Stone, R Read, J Jones won 16-15; T Plows, K Robini, T Hayes, R Dear lost 21-22; P Langridge, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss;

R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English lost 13-22.

Pagham men played four rinks in the PC Cup versus Goring Manor but lost 93-70.

Scores: P Wakeford, J Cowley, T Hayes, R Dear lost 9-33; P Langridge, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss lost 15-22; T Plows, M Adams, K Robini, R Read won 32-17; R Pearson, N Terry, J Fox, M English lost 14-21.

A men’s four-rink league match against Chichester was lost 86-50 with two points won.

Scores: D Cripp, T Plows, T Hayes, R Dear won 16-14; R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English lost 7-29; T Wells, N Terry, K Ruffell, J Jones lost 14-24; P Langridge, P Wakeford, R Hilder, P Mayoss lost 13-19.

A men’s three-rink friendly v Middleton ended in a 71-45 defeat.

Scores: D Marsh, J Cowley, P Burrell, J Fox drew 18-18; P Wakeford, P Quilter, K Ruffell, T Hayes lost 18-24; P Langridge, M Andani, B Smith, K Robini lost 9-29.

A six-rink mixed friendly against Beds tourists was won 116-67.

Scores: R Pearson, K Ruffell, B Calvert, J Robini won 24-10; A Burrell, M Rees/J Stocker, K Ruffell, G Conley won 15-8; E Terry, P Burrell, J Cowley, J Cowley won 25-9; S Read, K Robini, A Ross, M Donaldson won 12-9; H Dear, R Dear, J Warner, E Shine lost 11-26; A Calvert, L Cripp, D Cripp, S Stocker won 29-5.

A mixed five-rink friendly against the Vice Patrons was lost 120-57.

Scores: R Pearson, E Terry, M Adams, M English lost 9-21; J Cowley, M Adnrani, K Ruffell, R Hilder lost 13-25; B Calvert, K Ruffell, J Stocker, J Robini lost 8-34; P Wakeford, A Ross, K Robini, E Shine lost 11-22; A Calvert, T Hayes, S Stocker, R Dear lost 16-18.

A six-mixed-rink friendly against London Secretaries was lost 121-82.

Scores: P Wakeford, A Calvert, J Burke, R Dear lost 7-32; B Calvert, A Ross, M Adams, R Read lost 13-24; J Cowley, D Hide, S Stocker, P Mayoss won 18-14; J Cowley, K Ruffell, J Fox, J Robini lost 15-17; S Read, T Hayes, J Stocker, E Shine lost 12-22; T Plows, K Robini, K Ruffell, C Mayoss won 17-12.


Middleton won at Pulborough in a BM League match, winning five out of a possible six points. The MBC players, pleased with the win, praised the quality of the Pulborough rink.

Middleton are enjoying their most successful season in county pairs competitions. Four of their ladies and men’s pairs teams got through to the third round, three teams got through to the forth round and now one team (Jane Nurse and Rosemary Gregory) are in the semi-finals.


Bognor 80 Witterings 72

A men’s four-rink friendly at Waterloo Square ended in a win for bognoe, with one rink drawn, one won by Witterings and two by Bognor.

Bognor 62 Sussex Executive 55

A five-rink men’s game to celebrate the opening of Bognor’s clubhouse was ended early by rain after 12 ends.


Midhurst A 43 Petersfield A 55

In the Farnham Bowls Fellowship League, Midhurst A lost to Petersfield A by 12.

Scores: Anne Chuter, Jack Lee & Gerald Dixon lost 14-19; Bob Butterfrield, Malcom Hutchings & Paul Chuter lost 9-19; Catherine Dixon, Terry Berry & Dave King won 20-17. Midhurst A 1pt Petersfield A 3pts.

In a four-rink friendly Midhurst entertained Holloway Hill and won by 12 shots.

Scores: Steve Hutchins, Marjorie Hayward & Paul Chuter lost 14-15; Michael D J Smith, Howard Seymour & Colin Downham won 20-18; Dot Berry, Richard Softly & Terry Berry lost 12-13; Angela Hutchins, Anne Chuter & Phil Wells won 20-8.

The Midhurst Cup quarter-final draw has been made.

Fixtures: Petersfield v Bognor; Pagham v Stedham or Crablands; Rowledge v Midhurst; Liphook v Chichester. Round to be completed by July 4.


Petworth had a busy week, with a thrilling one-shot win at Worthing Grasshoppers before a win in a friendly triples at Aldingbourne.

They ended the week going out of the PC Cup at Witterings.

Scores: v Grasshoppers, away: Anne Hiscock, Selwyn Hall and Nigel Flynn won 20-14; Kevin Mitchell, Angela Barker and Alan Potter won 19-16; Carol Hall, Stan Enticknap and Bob Murray drew 18-18; J Profitt, J Peters and P Thorpe lost 8-15; T Webb, L di Pietro and R Bland lost 9-10. Overall shots: 74-73 to Petworth.

v Aldingbourne, away: Jim Palmer, Nigel Flynn and Bob Murray lost 13-15; Carol Hall, Jim Dormer and David Luxford won 21-19; Selwyn Hall, Stan Enticknap and Monica Enticknap won 21-10. Overall shots: 55-44 to Petworth.

v Witterings, away: Sid Haimes, Stan Enticknap, Kevin Mitchell and David Luxford lost 17-21; Selwyn Hall, David Hill and Bob Turner lost 10-33; Jim Palmer, Nigel Flynn and Mick Monk lost 17-26; Bob Murray, Richard Stevens and Marc Lancaster lost 15-22. Overall shots: 102-59 to Witterings.


waiting for pics

Infinity SMBC, who play at Boxgrove Village Hall, have been celebrating winning all the county competitions as well as the league and knockout cup in the past year. This is the first time it has been done since the formation of the county set-up.

Infinity also travelled to Hampshire and Dorset taking their winning ways with them. Eight members of the small club also played in the West Sussex premier team, losing the plate competition on the last end of the final two games.

They now look forward to continuing their success with the county in the 2019-20 season.


Arun indoor bowlers came down to earth after their winning start to the season.

They travelled to Adur for a match which in recent times has been closely fought. This year however they were pummelled 170-73 by the hosts, winning on only one of the six rinks.

That “top” rink was skipped by John Elliott, and helping to cling on for a 19-16 win were John Sparrow, Peter Ward and Resi Weidenhoeft. Other rinks were all lost.

Other scores: D Jones, A Murrell, P Buckland, M Richards (s) 9-35. R Smith, E Jones, A Giddings, C Gilham (s) 16-28; B Williams, G King, K Hutton, L Hathaway (s) 9-42; M Paige, J Greenfield, E Lawrence, G Debenham (s) 9-27; R Fairbrother, S Simmonds, J Ayling, A Fisk (s)11-22.