Trio are Bourne winners at darts league’s knockout night

Blind Trebles Winners Dave Bourne, Mark Sheppard and Dave Wingate
Blind Trebles Winners Dave Bourne, Mark Sheppard and Dave Wingate

THE conclusion of the Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League took the form of a blind trebles knockout followed by the trophy presentation at the Newtown Social Club.

Some 75 players took part in the knockout, and the early rounds saw a few top players leave, including Gary Blackwood (POW ‘Z’) who has won the blind trebles knockout for the past three years with different partners.

The first semi-final saw Emma Bist (Chi Snooker D), Ashley Clements (Jacks Jokers) and Mark H Todd (BRSA Ravens) lose to Debbie Clements (Jacks Jokers), Lee Franklin (POW Z) and Stuart Rose (Newtown SC A).

The second semi-final saw Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker C), Julie English (Friary C) and Buster Barton (Wheatsheaf) bow out against Dave Wingate (Friary D), Dave Bourne (Chi Snooker D) and Mark Sheppard (Hunston Club).

The final saw Clements, Franklin and Rose up against Wingate, Bourne and Sheppard, with the scores called by volunteer Hayley Gatford (Hunston Club).

The only ton in the first leg came from Franklin. Sheppard missed the double 16 for a 112 out-shot before Bourne stepped up to clinch the first leg in two darts.

In the second leg, Franklin missed a chance at 94 and Wingate tried for 86, but missed the bullseye to take the win. Clements had 47 left and went for single 15, but accidentally hit the treble to leave double one. The next dart was just a bit low and bust the score. Eventually Rose was left with 47 and took the second leg.

The last leg saw Sheppard, Bourne and Wingate get the better start with scores of 68, 66 and 100. A score of 140 from Bourne left their opponents miles behind, and with 66 left Sheppard took to the oche, hit single ten, single 16 and then double top with the last dart to take the win, making Wingate, Bourne and Sheppard this year’s blind trebles champions, taking home a nice £180 between them.

There were great raffle prizes and a nice selection of trophies supplied by C&M Trophies of Littlehampton.

Final league positions: Div 1 - Overall winners POW Z; runners-up Claremont Cobras; Singles winners POW Z; runners-up Claremont Cobras; Pairs winners POW Z; runners-up Chi Snooker C. Div 2 - Overall winners Chi Snooker A; runners-up Friary D; Singles winners Chi Snooker A; runners-up Friary D; Pairs winners Friary D; runners-up Chi Snooker A.