Sussex Cricket League season preview - Littlehampton and East Preston

James Askew
James Askew

The cricket season is almost upon us. On Saturday, each of our local sides will be embarking on what hopefully will be a successful league season - the first of the newly formed Sussex Cricket League - the world’s largest.

Here captains of each side has profiled their team with details of their side’s and ambitions for the season.

Team: Littlehampton CC

Division: Sussex Cricket League Division 3 West

Captain: James Askew

Overseas: No Overseas

Player to watch: Ryan Budd. Ryan has been leading wicket taker last couple of seasons.

Ambition: First year back in Div 3 since 2012 so our only target is to consolidate ourselves in this division and continue to build the club on and off the field.

Who to watch out for: Don’t know much about the league as first season for a while however from looking at previous years it looks like it will be a very close division. I’m sure the likes of Findon, Pagham and Stirlands will compete near the top based on last season.

Thoughts on the new structure: It’s certainly caused alot of conversation amongst clubs. Personally I like the new format. Much prefer win lose cricket. I feel dull draws never inspire anyone to play as it feels like an afternoon wasted.

Team: East Preston CC

Division: Division 4 West

Captain: Gary Weedon

Overseas: TBC

Player to watch: Jack Sunderland (all rounder)

Ambitions for the season: We have secured promotions in the last 2 seasons and I am hoping the restructure will provide more competition throughout the league so we will be looking to secure a place in division 4 west for next year.

Who are the team and player to watch in your division: It is all new to us so we are playing against the unknown.

What do you think of the new league structure: I am hoping that the new league structure makes the game more attacking for both teams. I feel that all teams in the division will go into innings with a chance of winning so it could prove to be quite excited.

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