Surrey doesn't seem to be the hardest word for West Sussex bowlers

Donnington and Chilgrove ready for action
Donnington and Chilgrove ready for action

The West Sussex B indoor bowls team entertained neighbours Surrey in a friendly.

West Sussex started well, taking six points from the first session and six from the second to lead 12-4 at lunch.

They continued in this vein after lunch, taking six points from the third session plus the bonus points in both disciplines.

However they slipped away in the final session winning only one game but taking the bonus points in the fours for a final satisfying win by 26-14.

In the singles Bognor’s David Stansmore won 18-13 and lost 15-10. In the pairs Crablands’ Denise Merritt won 19-11 and 15-14 while the Bognor combination of Clive and Pam Andrews lost 13-6 and won 17-9.

In the triples Bognor’s Peter Watters with West Chiltington’s Jenny and Roland Naldrett lost 12-7 and 14-12 while Bognor’s Peta Watters with West Chiltington’s Pam Healy won 12-10 and lost 23-5.

In the fours Bognor’s Marion Hatch with Crablands’ Alan Foot won 12-8 and 12-7 and Fittleworth’s Alex and Carol Herbert with Bognor’s Reg Hatch won 11-6 and lost 9-8.

May the fours be with you
Hail Jack - champion of champions

Arun ladies travelled by coach for a friendly at Camberley. Although they lost 111-86, a lovely day was had by all.

Scores: M Potter, R Wiedenhoeft, J Whitfield won 20-13; J Boucher, M Tyrell, S Miles 16-14, J Whetstone, B Cairns, C Preston won 14-13; E Keywood, P Jones, S Jones lost 12-18; C Hillier, E Fitch, L Hathaway lost 13-26; L Carthew, M Brand, B Jones lost 11-27.

The ladies played in the Masons Trophy, their B team facing Grattons. With one rink home, one away, this was a close encounter, Arun losing by one shot, 29-28, on the last end.

Scores: Home - P Corkett, L Hathaway, D Latter, M Richards won 15-13; away - I Brooker, S Stocker, G Conley, W Adams lost 13-16.

The Masons Trophy A team played against Falaise and won well by 51-16.

Scores - home, D Mitchell, C Horsley, M Phillips, B Collins won 29-9; away, C Hobb, J Whitfield, B Spicer, C Bowles won 22-7.

Arun ladies played in the Vivienne Trophy against Wealden, with two triples home and two away. It was very close and Arun won 73-70.

Scores: Home - P Corkett, L Hathaway, M King won 27-14; C Hillier, B Cairns, M Phillips won 19-13; away - E Lawrence, M Brand, B Jones drew 16-16; M Potter, R Wiedenheoft, J Whitfield lost 11-27.

Arun ladies played a friendly six-rink match against Adur, only just losing 111-108.

Scores: V Greenaway, J Whetstone, S Jones, WAdams won 32-7; P Corkett, P Buckland, R Wiedenheoft, M.Richards won 29-9; C Hobbs, C Horsley, S Stocker, G Conley lost 14-16; M Potter, E Lawrence, L Hathaway, B Spicer lost 14-22; E Keywood, B Lawson, M Brand, C Bowles lost 12-24; C Hillier, M Bacon, P Jones, B Collins lost 7-33.

* Arun sent a mixed team to Poole to play a strong Dolphins side and despite winning two of the six rinks, they lost 119-99.

Scores: S Singleton, J Herdman, S Webster, K Robini (s) lost 11-24; E Keywood, G King, D Wright, K Hellyer (s) lost 15-24; R Pearson, B Williams, G Stevens, M English (s) lost 15-22; M Keers, P Lichfield, M Brand, J Keers (s) won 28-17; J Sparrow, J Hazelgrove, C Preston, C Chester (s) won 17-16; J Boucher, J Whetstone, A Boucher, A Hunt (s) lost 13-16.

Arun men beat Bannister Park in the London & Southern Counties Shield, and fairly comfortably with a score of 89-64.

The competition is played on a simultaneous home and away basis. Arun won both their home rinks convincingly but lost both away rinks .

Scores: Home - L Corne’s team won 26-14; T Sayers’ team won 32-9; away, G Leaman’s side lost 14-21, B Butler’s team lost 17-20.

Arun faced old rivals Grattons in the Sussex Over-6Os contest and were no match for a strong Grattons side.

Scores: Home - C Gilham, G Debenham, M Bird L Corne (s) lost 9-23; away - T Cook, P Till, A Avery, P Hannam (s) lost 14 -15. Final score 23-38.

Highlight of a busy week for Arun men was a convincing home league win over Worthing Pavilion by 137-102 after they managed to win three of the six rinks, with two drawn and one lost.

The key rink was Tony Sayers (skip) with help from L Etherington, R Corket and K Ball with a score of 39-13.

Scores: C Gilham, T Cook, M.Hilton, L Corne (s) won 21-17; P Hammett, K Hellyer, G Miller, B Butler (s) drew 21-21; G Ball, N Hatfield, R Hobbs, G.Leaman (s) drew 18-18; D Jackson, M Bird, J Whitfield, E Pidgeon (s) won 26-11; L Etherington, R Corket, K Ball, T Sayers (s) won 39-13; M Johnson, M Scholes, F Taylor, P Green (s) lost 13-23.

Either side of their league outing, Arun had friendlies. Away to Victory the hosts regained some of their pride after Arun won the Victory Cup earlier in the season. Three rinks were won by each team but Victory won 128-106.

Arun played host to Southall District bowlers and came down to earth with a 132-104 defeat. The margin would have been wider had it not been for captain of the day Ron Gardner, playing against his former club, with help from N Waddock, M Bird and B Sanford with a 31-14 win.


Crablands Bitterns 56 Southbourne Rovers 30

In an enjoyable away match against Bitterns, Rovers failed to win on either mat but on the mat skipped by Malcolm Keane the result was closer than the score suggests, as in terms of ends Southbourne actually won on 11 ends to Crablands 10.

Scores: Eileen Keane, Irene Jennings, Peter Garrard, Malcolm Keane (s) lost 21-15; Joan Frost, Jim Spivey, Margaret Odell, Alan Williams (s) lost 35-15.

Southbourne Rangers 32 Lavant Red 42

Southbourne Rangers, who are in county division two, had their first home match of the season against Lavant Red and though they eventually lost on both mats, on the mat skipped by Antony Bull the match was going Rangers’ way until Lavant Red gained a four and a two on the last two ends to just pip Southbourne.

Scores: Karen Alner, Mark Soper, Dave Walter, Antony Bull (s) lost 20:19; Audrey Bull, Dave fewell, Dave Alner, Andy Smith (s) lost 22:13.

Southbourne Rovers 57 Norfolk Cubs 25

Southbourne Rovers, in south west division two, were pleased with a good win at home to Norfolk Cubs, taking all six points.

On the mat skipped by Malcolm Keane a win was never in doubt, but on the other mat skipped by Alan Shelley the score was much closer with the Rovers just holding on to win the mat by one shot.

Scores: Eileen Keane, Colin Bulbeck, Peter Garrard, Malcolm Keane(s) won 37:6; Mary Thornton, Joan Frost, Alan Williams, Alan Shelley (s) won 20:19.


Chilgrove gave Donnington a warm and friendly welcome to play 18 ends of triples.

Scores (Donnington names first): Maggie Maggs, Janine Banham and skip Allan Banham beat Jane Reid, Anne Cooke and skip Alan Church 24-10; Lavinia Brooks, Steph Baverstock and skip Peter Whale drew 17-17 with Pat Phillips, Peter Hague and skip Mick Petter.

Supper was provided by a trio of Chilgrove lady bowlers and both sides look forward to the return match in January.

Donnington welcomed Aldingbourne and won 42-38.

Scores (Donnington names first): nn Hulbert, Steph Baverstock, Terry Wiseman and skip Allan Banham lost 23-16 to Marjorie Taylor, Alan Styles, Norman Boxall and skip Derek Meakins; Jenny Wiseman, Doug Seeley, Maggie Maggs and skip Colin Hulbert beat Mavis Dale, Derek Wilgoss, Terry Booker and skip Jim Cordingley 26-15.

Captains Colin Hulbert and Derek Meakins thanked the teams for a good match.


Hunston visited Walberton for a close and friendly game and won 60-53.

They won on one mat and lost on the other two.

Scores: D Greenfield, J Hodnett, A Harle, R Stevens won 24-11; J Smith, P Rawcliffe, T Hack, C Butler lost 19-22; B Hodnett, R Moore, J Stubbs A Hack lost 17-19.


Lavant had the pleasure of playing Wisborough Green on their home ground.

Peter Whale’s team had a ding-dong game with some quite high scores, bringing home a win of 24-20, while Peter Winter’s team didn’t quite get the measure of Wisborough and went down 22-16 – leaving a score of 42-40 in the home team’s favour.