Selling manure to help charity

Richard Kennard and George Derrick -selling manure to help charity
Richard Kennard and George Derrick -selling manure to help charity

HELPING a racehorse rehabilitation charity through sales of manure are Findon-based Richard Kennard and George Derrick. Their aptly named Puckamuck depot is geared to recycling horse manure from racing stables all over Sussex and Surrey and turning it into a very different garden manure.

What’s more, a percentage of sales of the product goes to The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre in the North of England. The charity is dedicated to racehorse welfare, providing a secure future for ex-racehorses, through re-training and re-homing.

“We’re delighted to associate ourselves with such a great charity, because it’s directly connected with our product,” said George. “In this way, it all begins and ends with the horse.”

Their manure is shredded, turned and aerated for anything up to a year before it becomes a sustainable full strength manure.

“It’s a natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables, and it’s organically sourced with no bulking ingredients,” explained George. “And it’s completely peat-free, which is good news for gardeners and farmers who are anxious about their carbon footprint.”

And here’s the delicate question. What about the pong? “There isn’t one,” said George. “The finished product is completely odour-free and won’t stain your hands. It’s extremely user-friendly, but we do recommend wearing rubber gloves when you handle it, and giving your hands a good wash afterwards.”

But it’s not just about manure. They have out a new slant on hay and haylage, having it in two sizes, one of which is designed as a ‘packed lunch’ for a horse going out to an event for the day. The other is a larger everyday use size for the stables.